Oh Daddy and Mommy Where Art Thou?


As you watch the anarchy and riots unfold, do you wonder what in the world is going on?  They claim they are doing this for democracy but they are so far removed from the definition of democracy.  Most of them are young people that most likely can’t even recite the pledge of allegiance.  If they did we wouldn’t see this kind of action from them.  The definition of allegiance; loyalty, commitment, and adherence to our country is not being portrayed by this crowd.  Instead of hearing testimonies of how a grandparent came to this country and help build it; how they instilled into their children work ethics and influence, and passed it on to each generations, we see our youth marching and rioting from the influence of a celebrity,  in which most of them (celebrities) do not instill any type of moral values into your children.  Mommy and Daddy have you dropped the ball and  caused your child to seek someone else for allegiance, influence, ethics, and values?  For those parents that feel like you have failed with your child and you hold your head down in shame there is hope; I say to you, look up to God and repent and ask Him to forgive you. Pray that He will  bring back your prodigal love one.  Seek the Lord to bring this nation back to Him, in Whom its allegiance was originally  based on in the beginning.      OH DADDY AND MOMMY WHERE ART THOU!!

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