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So have your good way of life among the heathens, as a living example to them, so that, while they will speak evil of you as of evildoers, when they observe your good deeds then they would glorify God on the Day of visitation. (1 Peter 2:12 ONM)

A few years ago, while listening to Dr. Lance Wallnau teach on The Seven Mountains, he mentioned that Tommy Hilfiger said he can go into any child’s room and look on the walls, in their closets, music, etc.., and tell you who is influencing that child. Who are we influencing? Are we being that living example as Peter said to the heathens? Are we carrying the fire of God so strong that when we walk in a room people are catching the heat and falling under that influence of the consuming fire?
A middle school was asked to take down the Ten Commandments they had hanging on the wall. When questioned why, the response was that the children might read it and follow it. So, what part of the influence from the Commandments was going to purpose a problem for the children to follow; Thou shalt not lie, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness, Thou shalt love your neighbor? Well with that kind of influence on children, per the ones wanting it to come down, would be bad if our children follow these rules?
Has our candle light of influence on the hill gone out? (Matthew 5:14). Has our voice been muzzled that we no longer preach the gospel and truth? (Mark 16:15). Have our lives become so devoid of studying the word of God (2 Timothy 2:15) that when asked about the truth we don’t know what to say? “But you must now hold our Lord the Messiah in reverence in your hearts, always prepared with a reply for everyone who questions your report about the hope within you, but with gentleness and respect, because you have a clear conscience, so that while you are being spoken evil of, those who revile you would be put to shame by your good Way of life in Messiah” (1 Peter 3:15-16).
Let’s get back on track and become the ones of influence!

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