“Kathy Grant lives a life of deep devotion to her God. She has certainly experienced His unconditional love and longs for others to enjoy this unwavering love also. In her book, My Body, the Holy Temple of God, Kathy dives deep into the big dreams and desires our great God longs for us to receive. She pens with such passion the plan of God that leads and lifts our lives from a mediocre existence to the place of real purpose. She articulates God’s intentions for our journey that always leads to significance. You can be successful without being significant but you can never be significant without being successful. Kathy reveals time and again that God’s Word provides the GPS for both. His way never fails. Savor the nuggets throughout this book that will feed your soul and lift your spirit. Be blessed!”

Dr. Debbie Lanier

Pastor, Hope Community Church



Minister Grant,
Your book, MY BODY THE HOLY TEMPLE OF GOD, is a masterpiece. You give readers the sacred opportunity to reach into their innermost souls and explore the consecrated spot God reserves in each of us. I am eternally grateful that you show us the sacred nature of God as we travel toward His Kingdom.

Ella O Williams, PhD

Clark Atlanta University