Daily Scripture

Missed Opportunity: Day 2


The eyes are at rest
Totally without sight
They sleep and slumber as though
It’s the still of the night

They don’t see the man begging for alms
Who’s lying on the street
They don’t see the woman knocking on doors
Looking for something to eat

They don’t see the child carrying a child
With so few years’ difference in age
They don’t see the man walking the street
Trying to find the key out of his oppressed cage

Wake up! Wake up!
Oh, slumbering eyes
For the sun shines in a new day
Or have your own tears of success washed all your sight away?
Oh, God, in heaven I beseech thee for so long have I prayed
Please restore sight in those slumbering eyes that sleep during the day.
(Written by: Kathy Grant)

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